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Rosina Sacco and Luigia Vanzetti

Rosina Sacco and Luigia Vanzetti

A New Play in Progress

“In 1967, Madeline Ferrara Rita, a recent law school graduate and the granddaughter of Southern Italian immigrants, is struggling to make a choice about where and how to practice law. She comes home to her widowed mother in New Haven, Connecticut to explore and resolve the choice.

She finds herself in conflict between her mother’s view of America and Madeline’s obligation to family and her visiting grandfather Tomasso’s view of the rough history endured by Italian immigrants, including his own and what Madeline doesn’t know but must. Tumult and deep tension prevail.

Time matters. How did Tomasso’s experience with the fate of Sacco and Vanzetti define his view? Why was his daughter’s different? How did it effect Madeline’s choice?”

President Richard Nixon

Wooster Square

President Richard Nixon

Law and Justice

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