The Provocation of Imagination, A Trilogy of Book Reviews

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The Provocation of Imagination, A Trilogy of Book Reviews

The books reviewed:
Produced By Irving Thalberg, Theory of Studio-Era Filmmaking by Ana Salzberg

Beyond the Looking Glass, Narcissism and Female Stardom in Studio-Era Hollywood by Ana Salzberg

UnMasking the Mask, Insights from Physical Theatre and Life by Arne Zaslove

“I know [Arne] Zaslove as the historically imbued practitioner,[yet] came to their work through Ana Salzberg,…[through] the cultural window she opened that shed …welcomed inquiry into the imagination and collaborative impulse of those that made plays and movies such a force in tempering the American as well as the audience’s identity. Her work also gilded, unexpectedly, anecdotal dimensions onto the practical implications… of Zaslove’s work.”

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