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In 1967, Madeline Ferrara Rita, a recent law school graduate and the granddaughter of Southern Italian immigrants, is struggling to make a choice about where and how to practice law.

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To A High Court

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To A High Court, The Tumult and Choices that Led to United States of America v. SCRAP

In fall, 1971, five law students, Students Challenging Regulatory Agency Procedures (SCRAP) confronted the nation’s Railroads’ power and government’s failure. It was a time of tumult. They sued, and in 1973 the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of SCRAP. A “lesson for holding government accountable could not be more current.” Rosa DeLauro, Member of Congress.

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Still in Prelude

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Inside the Edge of War

In early January 1936, Westly Giovanni-Blair, a Parson’s educated tailor and owner of a men and women’s fashion shop in New Haven, meets Seattle-born Georgetown law professor Richard Bartlett Burton, in a picturesque trattoria on the wave-dashed coast of Fascist controlled Italy. Each is on a personal quest: Can Westly discern in Wales, then Italy the truth behind the missing 18th century portrait that may reveal her family’s ancestral roots? Will she ever find the artist’s family, her family, as her Italian immigrant grandmother implored? Barr has his own imperatives: Who was it that ordered the assassination of his father near his family home in Seattle? Who is trying to stop his appointment by President Roosevelt to a high government position? And get him dismissed from the Georgetown faculty?

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